Biswaranjan Bhunia

A talented, passionate and hardworking artist who has a long track record of creating original pieces of artwork, through a variety of mediums. Bishwaranjan comes to you from a strong artistic background, with a history of excellent craftsmanship and with the ability to create art for either sale or exhibition. He can work with a wide variety of materials such as stone, glass, clay and metal to create superb works. To him the customer’s needs are his number one focus, and to this end he works hard to stay current with the latest artistic tools and technologies.

Educational Qualifications :

High School – Shivanagar Mokshada Sundari Vidya Mandir

Diploma in Fine Arts – Sunderban Fine Art Academy, West Bengal


Fine Art, Sketching , Texture



Indo Nepal Cultural Forum

AIFACS Gallery ( Creations)

Marwah Studio

Gandhi Art Gallery


(2 x 2 ft) Acrylic on Canvass

(3 x 2 ft) Acrylic on Canvass