Bhushayya Kunuku

Kunuku Bhushayya is a well-known artist from Hyderabad who showcases various facets of God through his incredibly colored paintings. His riveting collection of works is an amalgamation of figurative and abstract art styles. Torn apart textured surface sets the background of his paintings whereas spiritual and divine thematic palette sets the foreground. Unlike other artists who put perky colors in their paintings that can drive our eyeballs crazy; he incorporates colors that are shadowy and can complement the walls of modern interiors. Apart from the use of colors, a dusky layer of black texture also covers his canvas giving his artwork a contented look.

Educational Qualification:

Technical teachers certificate course from PR Government Boys High School, Kakinada in 1997.


Solo Show:

2011- Hyderabad – Shristi Art Gallery.

2013- Hyderabad – State Art Gallery.

2014- Hyderabad – Alankriti Art Gallery.

2015- Hyderabad – Shristi Art Gallery.


2012- Bangalore – Taj Krishna

2014 – Kolkata – Indian Art

Award:  2012 – State Art Gallery


Beyond Coffee House, Hyderabad

Notel Hotel, Hyderabad.

Kinkini Art Gallery, Bangalore.

Indian Art Gallery, Kolkata.

US; Dubai; UK


Essence of Ramayana

(3 x 3  ft) Acrylic on Canvass)

In this painting, the artist brings together the 4 main characters of Ramayana – Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, and  Ravana  along with the 2 most important devotees of Lord Rama – Hanuman , the mightiest and squirrel, the tiniest with both of them serving according to their strengths to help  Rama to reach Lanka and rescue Sita. In the back ground are the radiant Sun and blazing fire indicating the lineage of Rama and  Lanka Dahanam respectively.